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Z Trim Reports Best Second Quarter in Company History






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Z-Trim Holdings, Inc. (ZTHO) is cutting-edge agri-technology company that: (1) develops innovative processes for the deconstruction of agricultural by-products to create value-added ingredients for food and other industries, and (2) manufactures and sells such value-added ingredients to said industries.

What We Do

Z-Trim® ingredients are used by food manufacturers on 6 continents, across a multitude of food categories, such as meats, sauces, soups, dressings, baked goods, fillings, toppings, prepared meals, dairy products, frozen handheld snacks, and pizza dough.


The company's core product portfolio of multifunctional food ingredients currently includes Corn Z-Trim® and non-GMO Oat Z-Trim®. The superior water-holding capacity and unique amorphous structure of Z-Trim® ingredients enable the exclusive multifunctional attributes our products bring to food product design, including moisture management, texture and appearance quality, fat and calorie reduction, and cost control.

Z-Trim® Ingredients operates within the $25-30 billion per year (2007) global business of food additives. The global hydrocolloid business - which consists of agents used for thickening, gelling and stabilizing food and beverage products, is over $19 billion per year ( with food applications constituting approximately $4.2 billion of that total (

How We Work

We collaborate closely with our customers all over the world. We use our in-house applications team to assist our customers to create formulations using Z-Trim® ingredients to solve solutions, reduce costs and delight consumers.

Where We Operate

Our manufacturing facility and corporate offices are currently located in Mundelein, Illinois, approximately 20 miles north of Chicago, Illinois.

Facts About Z-Trim Holdings, Inc.

Z-Trim Holdings, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Illinois on May 5, 1994 under the original name Circle Group Entertainment Ltd.


Z-Trim Holdings, Inc. protects an array of intangible assets that includes patents pending and issued, as well as a wide array of trade secrets and know-how, trademarks and copyrights. Central to this portfolio is an exclusive license to US Patent No. 5,766,662, including all related international patents, issued to Dr. George Inglett of the USDA.